Real time used car valuation with VIN/Registration Number Lookup in Portugal

Autorola Portugal and TIPS 4Y have combined competencies and developed a solution with enormous value for professionals that are related to the used car market: fleet managers, OEM, leasing and financing companies, insurance companies, used car dealers, dealers, etc.

In fact, it has never been easier to get the average value for buying and selling a used car!

The process begins with the immediate identification and classification of the vehicle in order to obtain, with maximum speed and reliability, the average real market value of the used vehicle.

For this process, TIPS 4Y contributes with the excellence of its search service by registration number, distinguished by the registrations database quality and the high level of accuracy in the identification and classification of the vehicles.

Autorola associates its innovative real time valuation tool, INDICATA, which collects, processes and analyses live used car market data. By gathering data of all used cars currently for sale in a market for a given model, brand, engine, year, kilometers, equipment and other criteria, INDICATA determines in seconds the current market price of a certain used vehicle.

Suited to the current market demand for fast, reliable and fast processes, this is a successful partnership that develops a truly important and strategic solution for companies that relate to the valuation of used vehicles.